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July 2023

2023 FLAFCC Education Program

This years Education Program is taking place on October 4-6, 2023 at the Florida Hotel & Conference Center (at the Florida Mall) in Orlando, Florida. Our comprehensive education program addresses the evolving topics that directly impact your courtroom proceedings and everyday practice. When it comes to finding answers and elevating your expertise, Who Are You Gonna Call? The FLAFCC!

You Should Know About Eldercaring Coordination!

Do you know any families embroiled in conflict about the care and safety of an aging loved one? Do you have clients where family conflict is jeopardizing the care or safety the older adult that they say they are protecting?  Have you heard about eldercaring coordination?

Sol lies still in his bed, wanting desperately to fall asleep.  It is after midnight and he is so tired.

May 2023

Factors in Relocation

As a family law professional it is essential to consider a number of factors in relocation cases.  These factors are: the Best Interests of the Child, the Existing Time-Sharing Plan and the impact of the proposed relocation on the Time Sharing agreement, the reason for relocation as well as the distance of the relocation. The best interests standard is the court’s primary consideration. The  impact on the child’s education, social life, and relationship with the non-relocating parent are several of these factors. 

The Legal Process of Relocation

The legal process of moving (from wherever you are) to Paradise (wherever that is and whether it is an Island or not) so long as it is more than 50 miles from where you now live (and it always is- because isn’t that the definition of Paradise-just being more than 50 miles from where you live). This article will address three areas of concern: (1) Why is it necessary to get court permission to move? (2) What things are important (and not so important) to present to the court? (3) what occurs after the move?

April 2023

Resist Refuse Dynamics in Parent Child Contact Problem Cases

“Resist and Refuse Dynamics” (RRD) is a term used to describe a pattern of behavior that can occur in high-conflict family situations where a child or children actively resist or refuse contact with the other parent, despite court orders or agreements.

Congrats Florida Bar “Visionary Award” Recipient

Former FLAFCC President, Maria Gonzalez receives Visionary Award. “I am honored and humbled to receive this year’s Visionary Award from the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar during the Marital and Family Law Review Course in Orlando.”

February 2023

Shifting the Lens in Family Court: A Trauma-Informed View

When it comes to family law, the issue of trauma can often be overlooked. Trauma is a broad term that encompasses anything from physical harm, long-term illness or even mental and emotional distress.

FLAFCC President’s Welcome Message For 2023

Hear from new FLAFCC President Kim Nutter in this short video. Kim provides an organizational update and outlook for the new year as we work to make 2023 the greatest year for the FLAFCC and our members.