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The work of family law, mental health, and dispute resolution professionals is endlessly impacted by transition on an individual, family, and community level. These include the transition from an intact family to one that lives in two homes; children’s transition between developmental stages; transitioning gender; transitioning to new statutes, processes, and professional roles; transitioning in or out of a career; moving, which requires a transition between communities and parenting time plans; and transitioning to new relationships, marriages, and new family forms.

Join AFCC to explore the role of transition in and out of our work.

Conference topics will include:

■ Trans Youth in Separating Families
■ Individualized Parenting Plans
for Multiple Siblings
■ Transgender Parenthood
■ Transnational Families
■ Assisted Reproduction Technologies
■ LGBTQ+ Families
■ New Ideas for Parent Education Programs
■ Innovations in Family Court Services
■ Parent-child Contact Problems
■ Digital Family Law
■ Relocation
■ Intimate Partner Violence
■ International Family Law
■ Stepfamily Transitions
■ Parenting Coordination
■ Family Law and Mental Health
■ Empirical Methods in Family Law Research
■ Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
■ Family Dispute Resolution Innovations

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