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Slate of Officers and Directors 2023

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FLAFCC Nominating Committee
Slate of Officers and Directors 2023

Officers 2023:
1-President- Yueh-mei Kim Nutter
2-President-Elect – Cecilia Armenteros
3-Vice-President – Peggie Ward
4-Treasurer- Loretta Fabricant
5-Secretary- Shana Duehring
6-Immediate Past-President- Wilhelmina Tribble

Directors 2023:
1-Rebecca Amster Cantor
2-GM Jodi Cason
3-Tashana Duncan
4-Maria C. Gonzalez
5-Mitch Kroungold
6-Rose Patterson
7-Maria Pitelis
8-GM Kristen Smith Rodriguez
9-Katrina Volker

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